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Restaurant cuisine traditionnelle à Millau (Aveyron)



Menu at €27.00

Endive Charlotte with homemade smoked salmon
Or Crunchy Chicken with Mushrooms.
Or "Cheese cake" with roquefort and gingerbread.

Fillets of partridge with Sichuan pepper.
Or Milling Mostelle Fillet or leek cream.x
Or little cabbage stuffed with pheasant.
Cheese platter
Or Homemade pastry trolley

Menu d'ailleurs at €36.00

Plate of Creole flavours.
( Reunionese samoussas, cod accras and Chinese cabbage)
Creole puddings, exotic caramelized fruits...
Or Asian noodles sautéed with shrimp.
Cheese platter.
Homemade pastry cart.

Express menu at €16.50

(lunchtime from Monday to Friday except weekends and public holidays)

Starter of the day
Dish of the day
¼ of wine included

Menu at €46.00

Octopus salad, garlic cream and chorizo.
Or fried foie gras cutlets, half fig and half grape.
Or Carpaccio de Bar, Yuzu and lemons.
Or Medallion of foie gras poached in Marcillac wine and sweet spices.
Sautéed sweetbreads of lamb in parsley
Or Saddle of hare and its saupiquet.
Or Beef filet with Roquefort or juniper.
Or Scallops, venerated rice, melted leeks.

Children's menu at €12.00

Sausage or tomato salad
Grilled fish or chicken scallop
Ice cream

In the heart of downtown Millau,

nestled in a small street,

Christian and Fabienne Aveline are happy to welcome you

at the Capion restaurant.

We come mostly for traditional cuisine,

noted with inventive touches and flavors of the world

that Chef Christian Aveline knows how to evolve

according to the seasons and his inspiration.

Let yourself be tempted by our card!


Escalope of fresh foie gras, blackcurrant beetroot

Lamb sweetbreads in persillade

Roquefort or juniper fillet of beef

Fillet of charr "beautiful miller"

Homemade pastry trolley

Vegetarian plate

Chef's plate

The Chef's word:

"Every afternoon, from Monday to Friday, the team concocts a menu of the day

made from fresh and cooked products.

The sweet beaks will appreciate to be able to choose their dessert on

the homemade pastry trolley.

You may be tempted by the lemon meringue pie, the chocolate crunch and praline

or the salted butter caramel verrines, strawberry mango, or more.